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Latest Product Update / 09. 10. 2020
Latest Product Update / 09. 10. 2020

Pricing changes

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This week Kontentino changed its pricing model!

Our renewed pricing model is much more flexible and fair, allowing users to create their own, personalized Kontentino.

Also, we can assure you that nothing changes for our existing clients.

So, why and how we decided to alter the pricing and its plans?

  • We listened to your feedback and decided to mitigate the big jumps in the number of users between plans. From now on, users can be added by 5 (instead of 10).

  • We allowed pricing to shift its focus from the number of users to the number of solutions it brings your business. As a result, you pay for what you need in order to meet the company's goals.

  • We made this renewed pricing model much more flexible. Therefore, you can now personalize your Kontentino the way it helps you the most.

You may notice that a lot of your current features* are listed in a new Pro plan. But since you're already our partner, we keep them all FREE in your current plan.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support! 💬

*Analytics & Reporting, Pro Mobile App, Competition Analysis

FAQ 💬 :

  1. Does anything change for me, an existing client? Is there any action required?

No, nothing changes for our existing users. You can stay on your current plan with all its benefits forever. The only time the renewed pricing applies to you is when you wish to add more features or downgrade/ upgrade.

2. Does the client count as a user?

Yes, every role counts towards your final user count. However, the client doesn't need to go through the registration process, they only need an invitation.

3. Can I still use Kontentino app for Instagram scheduling? I can see it's a part of a

Pro plan.

Yes, of course. For all existing users, Pro mobile app stays FREE in their current plan. However, all users will be able to use the Basic app for Instagram scheduling and approval processes.

🗓️ Wanna see what Kontentino is planning?

Check out our Product road map, where you can submit your ideas or upvote others.

🎓 Join the Kontentino Academy Facebook group for Kontentino users to share their experience and newcomers to learn the best practices, tips and tricks. We are also sharing some exclusive sneak peeks to new features before they are released.

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