Why is your Dashboard different?

We thought it would be amazing to open Kontentino and see everything important at the first glimpse.

So say Hello to Workflow! 🎉 Your place for more transparent collaboration and posts creation processes.

What are the main benefits of Workflow and how to use it in the right way?

Learn more now! 👇🏻

1. Drag & Drop planning:

Plan and schedule posts faster with Drag&Drop function. Change the statuses of your posts simply by drag and dropping them to the specific column of your workflow process. You can also draft posts right away from the Draft column.

The whole posts creation process can now be done from a single view!

2. More transparent workflow processes:

Is this post scheduled already? Is there anything waiting for approval? No more mess in your planning/workflow processes. Thanks to Workflow columns you can see what posts have what status at the first glimpse (no clicking needed).

3. Tasks management:

See who's working on what and when. Also, you can delegate tasks easily by drag&dropping your posts to the Assigned column.

4. Customizable workflow process:

Customize your Workflow based on your individual collaboration processes. Click on the 'Columns' button and select those you would like to see in your dashboard.

You can also filter your content by Post type or Labels thanks to the 'Filter' button. Lastly, the 'Sort 'button will allow you to order your posts from the Newest to oldest or Oldest to Newest. You choose how you want your Workflow dashboard to look like!

5. Select a time period:

Do you want to see your planned content for this week, month or any other period? You can do so easily by clicking on the date dropdown button on the left side of Workflow.

There is also an option to select Today's posts as you were able to see in the old Dashboard.

Now it's your time to try it and 💙 it!

Let us know how you like it and don't hesitate to contact our Customer Support if you have any questions. 💬

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