Hello Kontentino lovers! 💙

Welcome to 2021 and our first product article of this year.

Today we're going to talk about Kontentino's hidden gems.

Small and bigger features that you may not know existed. Yet, they can bring huge value to your social media management and save you and your team a great amount of time.

1. Post checklist

Do you have a set of rules for your social media content? Does your client have specific requirements that you just can't forget? Post checklist is a huge lifesaver!

See easily if the post it's ready to go and what still needs to be done! Checklists are fully customizable and you can create them for different clients/accounts, or post types. It's also an amazing helper for onboarding your new team members.

To set up a checklist, go to Settings > Profiles > Post checklist option below the social media profile. Post checklist will appear in your Post preview modal.

2. Image templates

Do you need to incorporate a logo or any branded frame to your image post? No need to bother with Canva, Photoshop or graphic designer. Do it by yourself only by few clicks right in Kontentino.

Set up image templates again in Settings > Profiles > Image template option below the social media profile. Click on 'Choose a template' option in the post creation modal ( right below your image) to add the logo to your post.

3. IG grid

Create a coherent and stylish Instagram feed that will creatively advocate the brand's message! See how exactly your Instagram feed is going to look like. You can drag&drop your images to create and plan the right look for your Instagram feed.

To see your IG grid, go to your Instagram account and click the Grid option on the upper right corner.

4. Labels

Do you keep your social media content balanced? Use Labels to tag and filter your social media posts based on the topic, theme or overall goal. Create your own labels such as brand awareness, entertainment, hard-sell or any that you like, so everyone on your team can easily understand the marketing strategy.

You can add Labels easily on the upper right side of the post creation modal and manage them in your profile settings. They will subsequently appear on the left side of your Calendar, indicating the percentage of the individual content type. 👇🏻

5. Content export to CSV

Would you like to make a list of posts and copies you've created during the campaign? You can do so by clicking the 'Export to' option on the left bottom side of your Calendar and selecting 'Export to Excel (CSV)' option. You have also the option to export the campaign to PDF, text only ( TXT), or download only the images used.

Did you know about these features? If no...

Discover them, use them and let them help you with your 2021 social media strategy! 🚀

If you have any questions, remember that our Customer Support is always here to help.💬

See you next week with the first great updates of this new year!

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