Did you try to publish a direct Instagram post but failed?

No worries, here are some points on what could have gone wrong.

Check them out and if you're still experiencing issues, drop us a message! 💬

1. First, make sure your IG profile is a Business profile (not personal or creator)

You can only auto-publish content to Business profiles. Select the Business account option when converting your account from personal to professional. Learn more here.

2. Make sure you are scheduling formats supported for auto-publishing by Instagram's API.

You can auto-publish single image posts, single video posts, carousels, and Reels. Stories can be posted via our mobile app.

Current limitations for auto-publishing:

  • Stories are not supported.

  • Accounts are limited to 25 API-published posts within a 24-hour period (carousels count as a single post).

  • JPEG is the only image format supported. Extended JPEG formats such as MPO and JPS are not supported.

  • Shopping tags are not supported.

  • Branded content tags are not supported.

  • Filters are not supported.

3. Make sure your IG profile is connected to a Facebook Page

Go to Facebook Page > Settings > Select Instagram in the left menu and connect the account.

4. Check if your IG profile is connected in Creator Studio

Go to your Creator Studio -> here and check if the IG account is connected.

5. Make sure your IG account is connected and authorized in Kontentino

Go to Settings > Profiles > Edit (blue button on the right side of your IG profile) > Associate Instagram Business profile > Save.

Or check out this quick video tutorial:

Or check out this quick video tutorial:

6. Reauthorize the connection between Kontentino and Facebook

Please, go to this link: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools

Select Kontentino and click on remove:

After this, go to Kontentino > My Profile > Social Login > click on "authorize with one click" and select ALL the profiles you’d like to have in Kontentino.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not delete any of the posts you have scheduled on your Facebook pages – this only revokes the future usage of Kontentino.)

Then, go to Settings > Profiles > Edit profile > remove associated profile/page > click on Continue with Facebook and select the associated profile again:

Now, plan a test post to see if the post was published properly.

7. Your post didn't publish and switched to Approved by client status?

If this happened, you most likely received an email saying that your post couldn't be published due to an error.

In this case, please go to this link and follow the instructions. If you're still experiencing this issue, please contact our support team.

Have you tried all the steps and are still experiencing issues with auto-publishing? Contact our support team, who will help you to find the right solution. 💬

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