How much time do you save with Kontentino?
Written by Milan Tibenský
Updated over a week ago

According to the ongoing survey that we run with our users,

  • Kontentino saves, on average, 41% of working time compared to no social media tool workflow.

  • An average time to schedule a single post in Kontentino is 50 minutes – this includes activities such as creating the copy, getting imagery, scheduling the post and getting approvals from clients and team members

  • The average time a user spends in Kontentino is over 28 hours a month

From these figures, we calculated that:

  • Kontentino users save, on average, almost 20 hours a month thanks to improved workflow (48 hours * 41% time saving = 19.68 saved hours)

  • For each scheduled post, Kontentino saves on average 35 minutes

  • In an agency with an 8 hour man-day rate of 500€ and 3 social media specialists, Kontentino saves around 4,200€-worth time per month with a Standard plan for 99€ a month (available for 10 users, including clients)

Is your experience different? Let us know in this brief survey, it will take less than a minute. Thank you!

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