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This month brought very interesting product updates that shouldn't escape your attention.

Keep on reading and see for yourself how these delights can make your life better.

1.Instagram video thumbnail 🎞

We know how strategically chosen video thumbnail can increase engagement and video views. After all, this little sneak peek determines whether the person decides to click the Play button or keep on scrolling.

From now on, you're able to handpick the right thumbnail for your IG videos right in Kontentino.

After your video gets uploaded, a 'Set video thumbnail' section will appear below.

Slide the button until you find the perfect frame for your video. Hit the 'Set thumbnail' button, and you're ready to go!

2. Customisable Link shortener 🔗 and UTM tag builder

Tired of switching between browser tabs when building UTM rich URL links? There's no need for Bitly, Sniply, or any other -ly anymore.

Shorten your links in no time, right from the post creation modal and insert them to the copy with one click. And the best thing is that they're fully customisable.

Easily create UTM links by turning on the toggle and filling in the parameters.

Would you like to use the same link in the future? Just name it and hit the "Save and Insert" button.

Watch a short video tutorial here.

3. iCalendar integration 🗓

NOTE: this feature is only available to the admin role

Last but not least, a product update that will help you to be more organised and

have an even better overview of your social media campaigns.

Sync your planned posts in Kontentino with your Google/Apple calendar and see what is planned on what date. Thanks to this integration you can:

  • access posts in Kontentio from reminders placed in your calendar

  • set up reminders about planned posts

  • organize your calendar according to released campaigns on your profiles

  • never forget about anything important 😉

You can always easily turn off the syncing by turning off the calendar toggle.

Watch how to easily sync your calendar here:

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