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How to add a Facebook page to Kontentino
How to add a Facebook page to Kontentino

Link your pages, view and edit permissions to schedule posts

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Are you ready to start creating and scheduling posts? First, connect your Facebook page with Kontentino. The steps below will guide you through the process. 🚶

1. Make sure you manage your Facebook page as an editor or admin

When you want to add a brand new page to Kontentino, the very first step is making sure you have a Facebook business page that you manage with an Editor or Admin role (Classic page), or full access in People with Facebook access (New page experience).

To check the roles and permissions on a Facebook page, go to Settings > Page roles, where you can check and change the roles and permissions of your users (Classic page), or switch to the profile of the page and then go to Settings > New Pages experience (New page experience):

Classic page view:

New page experience view:

Alternatively, you can have a Full access role in the Meta Business Suite/Manager.

2. Add a Facebook profile in Kontentino

Once you confirm your roles and permissions, set up your social media profile in Kontentino. Adding a profile can be done at multiple touchpoints within Kontentino.

You can go to Posts > select the top-left drop-down menu and click on Add profile.

Select Facebook on the pop-up window > click Continue with Facebook — this will connect an existing Facebook business page to Kontentino.

🖊️ Pro tip: When you add a profile through Settings > Profiles > New Profile, you’ll see a list of all your existing Kontentino profiles.

3. Choose pages you want to link with Kontentino

Click Continue as Your Name. Choose the Instagram Business Accounts you want to use with Kontentino, click Next, and repeat the same process for your Facebook pages. Select what permissions you allow Kontentino to have (more on permissions in step 4) and click Done. You’ve now linked Kontentino to Facebook.

This step allows the Kontentino app to publish posts automatically on behalf of the page.

🖊️ Pro tip: If you plan to add multiple existing accounts and pages to your Kontentino, click Select All, and Kontentino will automatically save this setting. You can authorize connections for future use and save time later with one click.

On the Kontentino page, click Confirm Adding for both Instagram and Facebook.

4. Select and change Kontentino permissions and authorizations

If you want to review or change permissions and authorizations you’ve made with Kontentino, go to your profile > select Social Login > Facebook.

From the list of authorizations, select those you want to allow or revoke. Sliding any of them will automatically redirect you to Facebook Business Integration, where you can view and edit Kontentino’s permissions for each of your profiles.

Select the business features you want to change > Save > click Refresh in Kontentino, and your settings will be changed.

5. You’re all set up to schedule your posts in Kontentino

Congratulations! 😺 You’ve completed linking your new Facebook page with Kontentino. You can now go to Posts and start scheduling your social media posts.

Any questions? Reach out to us. 💬

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