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How to fix Facebook posts publishing
How to fix Facebook posts publishing

A guide to giving Facebook permissions to publish

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Have you suddenly lost your ability to schedule posts? You may need to reauthorize your connection between Kontentino and Facebook. ☝️

What is reauthorization? Simply put, reauthorization means refreshing the connection between Facebook and Kontentino. By refreshing it, you allow in your Facebook account a third-party app like Kontentino to access your data and publish on behalf of a page.

Why is reauthorization needed? You may be asked to reauthorize your connection when:

  • Your Facebook access token expires. (This is required by Facebook every 90 days due to the security measurements for third-party apps.)

  • Facebook did a change in their API.

  • You manage and want to add a new Facebook page to Kontentino that wasn't connected to Kontentino before, so access to such a new page needs to be remembered.

Before starting the reauthorization process, ensure you have a sufficient role assigned to the page. To check this, go to your page > Settings > Page roles (Classic page):

or switch to the profile of the page and then go to Settings > New Pages experience (New page experience):

Alternatively, you can have a Full access role in the Meta Business Suite/Manager.

If you have the role and permissions to manage the page, you can reauthorize the connection by following these steps:

1. Remove the Kontentino integration from Facebook Business Integrations

Go to this link: (if you use a New page experience, please switch from the page's profile to your personal Facebook profile first), or click on your profile > Settings > Security and login > Business integrations:

Select Kontentino and click on Remove:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not delete any of the posts you have scheduled on your Facebook pages – this only revokes the future usage of Kontentino.)

2. Authorize the connection in Kontentino's Social Login

After this, please go to Kontentino > My Profile > Social Login > and click on "Authorize with one click," and select all the profiles you'd like to manage in Kontentino.

Awesome! ✨ You’ll know the reauthorization process was successful when you see that the following permissions in Social Login are switched on:

3. Check your connected Facebook pages

To check what Facebook pages you have linked with Kontentino, go to My profile > Social Login > Facebook > click on Show accessible pages.

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