Have you suddenly lost your ability to schedule posts? You may need to reauthorize your connection between Kontentino and Facebook. ☝️

What is reauthorization? Simply put, reauthorization means refreshing the connection between Facebook and Kontentino. With this connection, Facebook allows a third-party app like Kontentino to access your data on Facebook.

Why is reauthorization needed? It happens due to the security requirements of Facebook for third-party apps, and after any changes in the Facebook API, or to store new data from Facebook.

You may be asked to reauthorize your pages when:

  • Your Facebook access token expires

  • You manage and want to add a new Facebook page to Kontentino and don’t see it in the list of profiles to connect

Click the following link to learn more about the Facebook access tokens 👀https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/access-tokens/.

You can reauthorize your connection with the following steps:

1. Remove the Kontentino integration from Facebook Business Integrations

Open the page https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools&ref=settings. Locate Kontentino and check the box to select it. Click Remove > click again on Remove > Done.

⚠️ Please note: During the removal process, do not click on “Delete posts, videos, or events Kontentino posted on your timeline” unless you wish to remove all the posts published by Kontentino on Facebook.

2. Set up page authorization in Kontentino

Back in Kontentino, go to Your profile > Social Login > Facebook > Authorize with one click.

Afterwards, you’ll be prompted to follow the standard steps for linking your pages to Kontentino:

3. Your page is now reauthorized

Awesome! ✨ You’ll know the reauthorization process was successful when you see that the following permissions in Social Login are turned on:

4. Check your connected Facebook pages

To check what Facebook pages you have linked with Kontentino, go to Your profile > Social Login > Facebook. You should see your connected pages under Facebook page posts & comments management.

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