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How to manage social media accounts with a blank profile
How to manage social media accounts with a blank profile

Manually add a placeholder profile that will help you plan and review posts

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What is a blank profile?

When adding a new social media profile to Kontentino, you have the option to create one manually. Proceeding with this option will create a blank profile. 📝

With a blank profile you can easily plan, draft, and review your social media posts. In other words, it has all the functionalities of a connected profile — the only difference is that a blank profile is not connected to any existing page/account. This means you cannot publish your posts from Kontentino to this social media profile.

Why use a blank profile?

You can use a blank profile as a digital playground for new ideas, campaign planning, or as a placeholder for social platforms that aren’t yet supported by Kontentino, such as YouTube or TikTok.

A blank profile also comes in handy when you want to post to a Facebook group, but a missing API won’t let you schedule and publish on social media.

You can also use a blank profile for your personal Facebook and Instagram accounts.

How to add a blank profile?

You can create a new blank profile via Posts > click New social media profile > select a social media platform on the pop-up and click Create manually > fill in the fields and click Save.

When creating a new profile, you’ll need to select one of the five social media platforms available: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. However, you can give your profile any name you want and use the drafted posts for any platform you need.

Can I schedule posts planned in a blank profile?

You can’t automatically schedule posts via a blank profile as it’s not connected to any social media account, but you can download the post’s assets, copy the text, and publish it manually.

🔥 Hot tip: If your blank profile was added as an Instagram profile, you can make use of a push notification to schedule posts for Instagram. If you check the option Schedule, the Kontentino app will automatically send you a notification five minutes before your post’s scheduled publishing.

When publishing via the app, all your attachments will be automatically downloaded and the caption will be copied. You’ll be redirected to Instagram where you can easily finish the posting, which is especially useful when publishing to your personal Instagram profile.

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