We’ve given Kontentino Calendar a fresh new look and feel with the functionalities you love plus many more, for a faster and smoother way to plan and create your social media content.

Posts features four different views in which you can create your posts, and which fit the unique workflow of every team out there. Posts is much more than just Calendar — it’s a place where teams meet and collaborate to create awesome social media content.

On June 14, 2022, we switched old Calendar to Posts.

Here’s what you can find in Posts:

1. Instagram carousel direct scheduling

2. Dynamic live post previews

3. Four different views for different workflows

4. Preview content on hover

5. Navigation bar moved to the side

6. Inspirations are part of the post view

7. Post ideas have their own collapsible section

8. Drop-down menu to create new elements

Watch our Posts video tutorial:

Brand new functionalities and integrations

We’ve listened to your feedback and equipped Posts with exciting new features.

  • Instagram carousel direct scheduling

Posts allows you to schedule and publish carousel posts directly on Instagram. Also known as multi-photo posts of up to ten photos and videos, carousels are a great way to spice up your Instagram content.

  • Dynamic live post previews

See the preview of your post as you’re creating it: start creating or editing a post and it will automatically show on the screen.

New design with a fresh look and feel

You’ll appreciate the sleek appearance of Posts. We’ve made some significant changes to the interface and created a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for you.

  • Four different views for different workflows

The views include Calendar, Workflow, Grid, and newly added List. Thanks to the variety of available views, you can see and create your posts in every unique workflow.

The most significant change we’ve made is turning both Workflow and Calendar into available views. An upgraded Grid view also features an option to preview your content on mobile.

We’ve added a brand new view — List — where you can also make use of popular Time savers, filters, sorting, search, preview on hover, labels, post ideas, and quick actions, such as assign, send for approval, and others without having to open a post.

  • Preview content on hover

From now on, you can see the preview of your post without clicking on it: simply hover over it to display the preview of your post.

  • Navigation bar moved to the side

The navigation bar has moved to the left, so your selected view can expand to the entire screen.

  • Inspirations are part of the post view

Inspirations have become an integral part of the Calendar and List views, rather than being a separate section altogether. This way, you can quickly see and create a new inspiration right in the post view.

  • Post ideas have their own collapsible section

We’ve given post ideas a separate section: you can now find them on the right side of each view (apart from the Workflow view).

  • Drop-down menu to create new elements

Be it a new post, inspiration, or other elements you want to create, you’ll find them in a quick-selection menu in the top-right corner of Posts. This menu lets you quickly locate and create new elements from a single place.

Are you excited to dive into Posts? 🤿 We want to hear what you think about the tool, and we’ll appreciate your feedback.

And there’s more to look forward to in the coming months — we’re rebuilding our other tools, too, and we’ll announce more updates soon.

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