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How to fix Instagram posts publishing
How to fix Instagram posts publishing

Did your Instagram posts fail to publish? This guide will help you solve it!

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If your Instagram newsfeed posts don't auto-publish, they are switched back to Approved by client status instead, and you receive an e-mail saying that your post couldn't be published due to an error, you need to reauthorize the connection between Kontentino and Instagram with 5 simple steps:

1. Make sure your Instagram account type is set to Business (not Personal or Creator)

You can only auto-publish content to Business profiles. If you have received an error e-mail saying that your Instagram account is not Business, please go to your native Instagram app and your account > Settings and privacy > Account type and tools > and select Switch to professional account.

(If you see only personal and creator options, it means the Instagram account is correctly set as Business.)

2. Go to Facebook Page settings and check the Instagram account connection

Classic page: Go to your Facebook page > Page settings > Instagram:

New page experience: Switch to your page's profile > go to Settings & Privacy > Linked accounts > Instagram:

There might be a small blue window saying Review Connection in that case, the Admin (the person who created the Instagram account) needs to go to the Instagram app on a mobile device to review the connection.

If the Review connection window is not there, I recommend disconnecting Instagram from the Facebook page and then connecting it again. You might be asked to review the connection after that.

3. Review the connection of the Instagram account to a Facebook page

To review the connection, please open your Instagram profile on your mobile device > tap on Edit profile > scroll to Public business information > open Page > connect a Facebook page:

4. Reauthorize the connection between Kontentino and Facebook

Go to this link: or click on your profile icon > Settings > Security and login > Business integrations.

If the page doesn’t look like in the picture below or you can’t see the option in the settings, you might be viewing Facebook from one of your page profiles. Switch to your personal Facebook profile by clicking on the profile picture (upper-right corner) and selecting your personal profile.

Select "Kontentino" and click on Remove:

(IMPORTANT NOTE: this does not delete any of the posts you have scheduled on your Facebook pages – this only revokes the future usage of Kontentino.)

After this, please go to Kontentino > My Profile > Social Login > and click on "Authorize with one click," and select all the profiles you'd like to manage in Kontentino.

Once the permissions are turned on, please go to Settings > Profiles > Edit profile > remove associated IG Business profile > then click on Continue with Facebook and select the associated profile again:

5. Plan a test post to Instagram in Kontentino and check if it published

If you receive any error during any of the steps or need help, please contact our customer support. 💬

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