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Introducing KAI - Your AI-Powered Content Creator
Introducing KAI - Your AI-Powered Content Creator

Learn more about generating images and text with our AI content feature.

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Are you tired of struggling with writer's block or spending countless hours creating social media content? We're excited to introduce KAI, Kontentino's AI content generator - your new best friend for boosting creativity and enhancing your social media game!

With KAI, you can easily generate copies and images that are tailored specifically for each social media platform and tone of voice. Plus, it works in 84 languages, giving you endless possibilities for content creation.

Recently, we've also unveiled the hashtag generation feature and the capability to elevate your text with advanced grammar correction, sentence restructuring, and content expansion functionalities. So yeah, it's pretty much your all-in-one creative sidekick!

How to access it?

Click the 'New' blue button in Posts and choose 'AI Content'. Alternatively, you can open your left navigation bar and choose it there.

Text AI content generation: how to do it?

To generate AI-generated text content, begin by selecting the 'Text' option and describe your post in the provided text section. You can specify the maximum number of characters or words as needed.

Next, select the language in which the text should be generated, the type of social media, and the desired tone of voice. Different social media platforms and tones of voice will result in unique content specifically tailored to your selection.

Once you have inputted your preferences, click 'Generate,' and KAI will offer you three different types of content. You can copy the generated text to your clipboard and paste it to create your post.

Image AI content generation: how to do it?

To generate AI-generated images, select the 'Image' option and provide a description of what the image should depict in the text field. Next, choose a style for the image from a selection of 12 different types, such as Watercolour, Ink, Lego, or Futuristic.

After inputting your preferences, click 'Generate' to receive four different images based on your description. You can download these images for your next post or save them to Media Library.

If the initial results are unsatisfactory, or you receive an error message – select 'Improve my description' to receive a better description and higher-quality output.

Fix grammar, Rewrite and Expand features

The text enhancements option offers a comprehensive toolkit to refine and elevate your content.

  • With advanced grammar correction, we meticulously scan your text, ensuring impeccable language usage and adherence to grammatical rules.

  • Our sentence rewriting feature transforms your expressions, enhancing clarity and coherence while maintaining your unique voice.

  • Additionally, our content expansion functionality enriches your writing by adding depth and detail, resulting in a well-rounded and engaging piece.

Just a few easy steps: Click the 'Enhance' button, select from the available options, paste your text, hit 'Generate,' and let KAI work its magic.

Hashtags generation

Unleash the power of hashtag generation to amplify your content's impact. Click on the 'Hashtags' option, describe your post, and KAI will generate hashtags that align with your content, catapulting your posts into trending conversations and expanding your online presence.

You can effortlessly copy the generated hashtags to your clipboard or click 'Regenerate' for even more tailored and satisfactory results.

What is the daily limit of uses?

For subscribed plans, the daily limit for all prompts is 50 per day. However, each text prompt generation will result in 3 different text copies and image prompts in 4 different images.

During the trial period, users have a limit of 15 prompts per day.

Improve KAI with your feedback

Do you have any ideas for improving Kontentino's AI Content feature, or feel like it's missing something? Let us know in our Public Roadmap! Your input can help shape the future of our tool and ensure it meets all of your content creation needs.

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