Who's Duo for?

You can use Duo if you are an Kontist customer but not yet a Lexoffice customer. If you choose Duo, a new Lexoffice account will be created for you.

What does Duo include?

Duo includes Kontist Premium and Lexoffice M Tariff. If you need a different Lexoffice package, you need to book Kontist Premium and the desired Lexoffice package separately. The Duo tariff does not apply to this.

What does Duo cost

The Duo tariff costs 13,- EUR per month plus VAT in the first year. After that the tariff costs 19,- EUR per month plus VAT.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. When you open a Duo account, you will receive a link where you can create your Lexoffice account ("Rechnung & Finanzen"). This account will then be linked to your Kontist account and is included in the Duo rate.


Kontist Duo is a set of two products and two contracts: Kontist Premium by Kontist GmbH and lexoffice Rechnung und Finanzen by Haufe Lexware GmbH & Co. KG.

To cancel both contracts of Kontist Duo it’s sufficient to notify Kontist GmbH. 

You can also cancel just one contract.

In that case, the current fees apply for the remaining contract as listed on the lexoffice or Kontist price list. 

For a detailed comparison of all lexoffice rates please see here. (PDF)

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