With Kontist you have the possibility to write invoices easily.

Log in to the Kontist web app and click on Invoicing on the left. Then select "Create invoice" on the main page. First you need to enter the general information about the invoice and the invoice recipient.

Before finalizing the invoice, you can always check it in the preview and adjust it if necessary.

In the settings, the personal data from your Kontist account will be transferred automatically to each invoice. You can also add your company logo. You can change or add to the settings at any time.

Please note, that the invoice number cannot be changed later.

You want to create the invoice in English? Then simply change the language in the web app or mobile app in the language settings, because they are created in the language you set in your Kontist business account settings.

The invoicing tool is included for every account type & with the Kontist tax service. You can find the complete overview of our plans in the comparison on our website.

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