Some matters that do not concern your self-employment will be billed separately.

The following matters will be charged with €99 each (once per case) by Kontist Tax Advisory (“Kontist Steuerberatung”):

  • Annex N (employee - client/partner)

  • Annex SO (other income)

  • Annex AUS (foreign income)

  • Annex R (pensions and benefits)

  • Annex KAP (investment income)

The following matters will be dealt with by prior arrangement for an additional fee:

  • Maintenance services or costs

  • Vocational training

  • Illness and disability

  • Divorce costs

  • Natural hazards

  • Home ownership

  • Annex for children older than 18 years

  • Capital/ investment income for trading of other financial products

  • Annex V (renting and leasing)

  • Examinations by the tax office

Kontist Tax Advisory is not yet able to offer the following matters: Annex FW (funding of home ownership) and Annex L (agriculture and forestry.)

For ongoing activities of Kontist Steuerberatung in connection with financial accounting, advance tax payments and advance VAT returns, no additional costs are incurred. More information can be found here.

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