You can cancel your Koober subscription before its expiration date. Once your subscription is canceled, you still can use it until the next billing date. To do so, you need to know on which platform you subscribed. This is easy as invoices are sent to you directly by Apple, Google, or Koober itself.

Invoices received from Apple: you subscribed to Koober through Apple's iTunes service

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap your name.

  3. Tap Subscriptions. If you do not see "Subscriptions," tap "iTunes Store and App Store" instead. Then tap your Apple ID, tap Show Apple ID, sign in, scroll to Subscriptions, and then tap Subscriptions.

  4. Tap the subscription you want to manage. You do not see the subscription you are looking for?

  5. Tap Cancel Subscription. If you don't see the "Cancel Subscription" option, then the subscription has already been canceled and will not be renewed.

Invoices received from Google: you subscribed to Koober through Google Play

  1. Open the Google Play Store application.

  2. Go to the Subscriptions section.

  3. Select Koober.

  4. Click Unsubscribe.

For more information, check out this tutorial from Google

There isn't any "unsubscribe" button on the application of these two types of subscriptions because they are controlled by Apple and Google. That is why you have to go on iTunes or Google Play platform to manage your subscription.

Invoices received from Koober: you subscribed to Koober directly on the website

  1. Open the Koober app.

  2. Go to "Home" and then settings (the little gear icon in the top right corner of the screen).

  3. Click on "Subscriptions". A button will allow you to cancel your subscription.

After clicking on it, you should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you don't receive a confirmation, and if it is not in your spam mail, please contact us at

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