What is a Koober Learning Path?

A Koober Learning Path aims to help you reach your goals. It consists of several steps, each of which allows you to progress and learn at your own pace.

Why were Learning Paths created?

The Koober team wanted to bring together in one place the best koobs on the same topic, so you can deepen your knowledge of a said topic and, more importantly, attain your objectives! This is how we came up with the idea of Learning Paths.

What will I effectively "learn" from a Learning Path?

Koober Learning Paths distill knowledge for you in different ways:

  • Theoretical knowledge that gives you the key components of a work in a simple, intelligible, and retainable way.

  • more practical use cases, with exercises for you to do.

  • Quizzes to test your understanding of the koob's key points and see how well you remember them.

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