I want to know what this koob is about before I listen to it or read it, how can I get the koob’s summary? (1)

On the koob’s presentation page, you’ll find a short explanatory paragraph that covers the basics. It tells you what the main theme is, what you will learn, and gives you the author of the koob's opinion of the book!

I want to read this koob later without having to search for it again. How do I add it to my selection? (2)

On the koob's presentation page, a star-shaped icon allows you to add this koob to "your koobs". Initially colorless, the star turns yellow when the koob has been successfully added.

I really liked this koob, how can I share it with someone else? (3)

On the koob's presentation page, the icon in the top left corner allows you to share the koob via email or social networks. The person who receives the link will then be invited to go to the Koober app if they're already a subscriber or to download the app if they haven't already done so.

I really liked this koob and want to buy the book. How do I do that? (4)

Beneath the koob’s presentation page, you have the option to "Go further" by buying the book. By clicking on the button you'll be redirected to the book's Amazon page or other relevant online bookstores.

I'd like to know what other users have thought about this koob and leave a comment. How do I do that? (5)

At the bottom of the presentation page, you have the option to share your opinion by clicking on the "Comments" button. You will then see all the reviews posted by other users and will also be able to add your own comment.

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