How many nannies can I message?

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This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

Once you have registered with Koru Kids, you can message as many nannies as you like at any one time. Nannies you have messaged will be shown under the ‘Messages’ tab on your Koru Kids dashboard. 

Before you choose which nannies to message, you can also shortlist your favourite profiles. Just click the star icon to add them to your 'Shortlist' tab.

Nannies may also message you first if your job is posted on our Nanny Job Board. Don't worry, these messages don't count towards your maximum message limit. We recommend making your job visible on our Nanny Job Board to maximise your chances of finding a nanny.

If you have reached your message limit and come across another profile you think would be a better fit, then you can cancel your request or close the chat.

If you ever want to speak with one of the team about your search, please don’t hesitate to email or click the live chat message button to chat with the team.

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