Can I have a trial with the nanny?

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This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service. It is to support families during their trial periods with a new nanny.

Yes, you can definitely have a trial!

Some families like to follow up their first meeting or interview with a run through of the normal after school routine, or a ‘play date’ where the nanny spends some time with the children. This gives you a chance to check their suitability for the role and to see how they get on with the kids before deciding whether to proceed. 

Trial periods must be booked and paid for through Koru Kids.

You can do this by clicking the Book a Trial button at the bottom of your conversation with the nanny.

You'll be able to see how much the trial will cost, and you'll be able to provide your payment details then and there, no need for cash on the day. But don't worry - we won't take payment until you confirm that the trial went ahead.

*Please note all trials are to be paid via card please.

If you need any support booking a trial with a nanny, you can contact us by emailing or click the live chat message button to chat with the team.

An important note on trials: 

We only carry out DBS checks for nannies once a family has decided to hire them. Therefore at trial stage, most nannies will not be DBS checked (they'll only have one if they've worked with a family through Koru Kids before or from a previous job). You can read more about DBS checks here.

We always recommend that you are present during the trial.

Trials should be used as a chance to see your nanny performing the after school routine and to make sure they get on with the kids. They should NOT last for more than one or two shifts or be used as probation periods. Our contracts begin with a two week probation period as standard, during which time you only need to give your nanny 24 hours notice if you feel things aren't working out.

Some families prefer to skip the trial and use the probation period instead to make sure their nanny is the right fit. As soon as you progress to a contract with a probation period, we'll immediately begin the DBS check process for your nanny.

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