This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

During the coronavirus crisis, we recommend a phone or video interview first as we think it is best for nannies to avoid visiting multiple homes for interviews.

Often our families like to meet face to face as this is usually the best way of deciding whether or not a nanny is the right fit for your family. If you’re really busy or would like to have a preliminary chat, then a phone call is the perfect way to introduce yourself. 

Often it will just be a quick five minute chat to find out a little more about them before deciding to meet face to face. If you’re really getting on and there’s lots you want to find out, then it might take fifteen minutes.

We’d always encourage you to meet your nanny in person before you agree to start working together. You can arrange a time and place to meet each other using our messaging platform. This is also a great chance for your nanny to meet the kids.

If you do conduct interviews at home you should, wherever possible, maintain social distancing (stay 2m apart) and take particular care to maintain excellent hygiene:
· Regularly wash hands, especially on arrival.
· Regularly clean touched surfaces, for example door handles, and try to keep internal doors open where possible to minimise contact.
· Maintain good ventilation, for example keep windows and doors open, or be outside where possible.
· Disinfect surfaces when a guest uses shared facilities, like bathrooms.

We also recommend that both families and nannies wear a face covering for face to face interviews. You might want to consider allowing the nanny to remove their face covering when engaging with children as they may be more dependent on facial expressions, clear sound and lip reading (this is allowed in the government regulations).

You may also wish to consider the following discussion points with nannies:

- Adherence in recent weeks and in future to latest social distancing, self-isolation and household-isolation advice.
- The work situation in both households e.g. working from home, working in a healthcare setting, commuting by public transport.
- How the nanny will get to work.
- Any symptoms of COVID-19 in either household in the last 14 days.

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