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When you and a nanny decide you’d like to go ahead on a permanent basis, we’ll ask you to agree on a minimum weekly number of hours as well as the days and times you would like the nanny to be working with your family.

It is really important that you can commit to these minimum agreed hours every week during term-time. Your nanny will depend on this income.

However, we appreciate families need some flexibility with their childcare and understand these hours might vary from time to time. Sometimes you might be running 15 minutes late from work or you might like your nanny to do some babysitting. No problem! As long as your nanny is happy with this, you can arrange this directly with them. The nanny will then report all the hours that they work at the end of the month, and we’ll include these in your monthly invoice.

If you find you have to cancel a shift (perhaps the kids are on a school trip), most families find it simplest to offer an additional alternative shift that month, so that the nanny's minimum weekly hours can be met on average. 

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