Can I take time off for a holiday?

  • Yes, but this has to be during the child's school holidays

Can I take time off during the school term?

  • Some families may be able to accommodate you taking time off during term-time. It's not an entitlement, and you must get it approved in advance.

Do I get paid holiday?

  • Yes. Your holiday is actually paid in advance, monthly.

  • You'll see it on your payslip each month as 12.07% holiday pay (which is added to your hourly base salary)

  • This means you won't get paid again when you take your holiday.

How many days of paid holiday do I get?

  • You'll earn 12.07% holiday pay for every hour you work (paid to you monthly)

  • You can use those hours during the school holidays

Can I take additional unpaid leave?

  • Yes, during the school holidays

Do I need to submit a timesheet for holiday I take?

  • You need to let us know if you take any time off. You can do this by selecting ‘report your leave’ at the top of your timesheet or by clicking here.

  • It’s important to let us know so that we don’t overcharge families for time you were not able to work

What should I do with holiday pay that's paid in advance?

  • You may want to set it aside in a savings account, so that it's available when you want to take your holiday days

Why is holiday paid in advance?

  • We recognise that nannies often work irregular and flexible hours

  • This means your holiday allowance can vary month to month, which can make it difficult to calculate your entitlement

  • We pay your holiday upfront each month so that you can relax anytime during the child's school holidays without having to submit a timesheet to your employer, or worry about your exact allowance

What if I decide to work extra hours during the holiday?

  • You'll earn paid holiday for those hours too

  • Discuss with your employer when is the best time for you to take your holiday time

  • Remember that when you take it, the holiday pay will already have been received

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