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What if my nanny and I want to stop working together?
What if my nanny and I want to stop working together?

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For a variety of reasons, you or your nanny may wish to stop working together. While this is unfortunate, it does happen.

Don't worry - Koru Kids is here to support you in wrapping up your relationship with your nanny and, if you need, helping you find your next nanny as well.

What if I don't need my nanny anymore?

If you need to bring the arrangement to an end, it's important that you speak to your nanny as soon as possible. You'll need to provide them with the agreed notice period, but if you can let them know sooner that's great as it will give them more time to find a new role. If you're not sure what your notice period is, you can find this in your employment contract.

We highly recommend that you first provide notice to your nanny either in person or with a phone call. This ensures that all parties understand why the arrangement is coming to an end and can make any final arrangements as necessary. If you need any support in how to have this conversation, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team.

We also encourage you to confirm this with your nanny writing, so that you have a record of when you gave notice. You can find some really helpful guidance on how to provide notice on Acas' website here.

During the notice period, your nanny should work their usual hours. However, if you don't need them to work you also have the option to pay them in lieu. If you decide to pay your nanny in lieu, these hours must not be reported via the timesheet. Do let us know if you would like to pay your nanny in lieu of notice and we can add this to their final payslip.

Once you've confirmed this with your nanny, simply follow the link in the button below to let us know you're finishing with your nanny. We'll then be in touch with the next steps to finalise your contract with your nanny.

Of course, if you have any questions finalising your nanny's contract you can email us at or click the live chat message button to chat to the team.

What if my nanny can't work anymore?

Sometimes a nanny's situation may change, which means they might need to bring an arrangement to an end. We appreciate this can be stressful for families, but Koru Kids is here to support you.

If your nanny can no longer work for you, they should provide you with the agreed notice period as per your employment contract. You can let us know about this by simply filling in the form via the link below.

We'll then be in touch with the next steps to finalise your contract with your nanny. If you are looking for a new nanny with Koru Kids, you can immediately start browsing new nannies profiles and arranging interviews via your Koru Kids account.

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