In the table below we show you the messages we put on your payslip if a certain tax code has been applied.

If you have a different tax code to the two below, it's likely that you have been set up correctly, or that we've received a notice from HMRC to change tour tax code.

We think these articles: & The Money Advice Service about tax codes are really helpful to read. If you think your tax code is incorrect, you can contact HMRC online here.

BR (tax code)

You are on a basic rate tax code.

Even if you're a student or earn below £12,500 in the tax year, you can be put on a BR tax code whilst HMRC work out your correct code.

This is usually because you have more than one source of income (e.g. more than one job or working with multiple families).

If your circumstances have changed and you are able to provide a P45 from your previous job, we may be able to update your tax code for your next pay. Please email your P45 to as soon as possible.

0TX (tax code)

You have been set up on the “0TX” Tax code because you have not completed your setup form. To enable us to set you up correctly you must declare your current employment status and give us your details, including your National Insurance number.

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