Your employer may choose to give you cash or a prepaid card to cover pre-agreed expenses during a shift. For example, if they ask you to take the child to the cinema, or if they expect you to take the child in a taxi.

Always follow these basic principles:

  • Be 100% clear in advance what your employer expects you to spend the money on, and what the maximum budget is

  • Photograph the receipt of anything you buy (showing the breakdown of items)

  • Return any cash change or the card to your employer at the end of your shift, along with any receipts

  • Never use your employer’s personal credit or debit card. If a prepaid card is not available, ask for cash.

Acceptable Payment Methods:

Koru Kids has no relationship with any of these providers, these suggestions are provided for employer reference only. Please note: some providers may charge a small monthly or transaction fee.

Unacceptable Payment Methods:

  • The employer’s personal credit or debit card

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