You’ll accrue your holiday pay as you work and it will be paid out alongside your gross salary each month. A simple way to think about this is that you will earn 12.07% of paid leave for every hour worked (i.e. if you work 10 hours, then you have also earned 1.207 hours of paid leave). This 12.07% is equivalent to 28 days of paid leave for a full-time nanny.

For example, if you have standard childcare experience and are under the age of 21, you will receive £9 per hour, consisting of a base rate of £8.03 and holiday pay of £0.97 for each hour worked.

The reason we pay holiday pay as it is accrued is to ensure that you can access your holiday pay readily and easily, without requiring an advanced request, calculation and approval from the family employing you. Even if you work flexible hours, you will always be up to date with any holiday pay that you are owed.

This means you won't get paid for time when you are not working and on holiday. This also includes UK bank holidays. If you do work on a public holiday, it will be on your normal rate of pay, as agreed in your contract.

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