This help centre article has been written for the Koru Kids nanny service

A nanny share is where two families employ the same nanny to help with their childcare. It must include some hours where the nanny is looking after both families’ children at the same time.

Nanny shares come in all shapes and sizes and really depend on what works for each family. For example, two families could share one nanny for all 5 days a week, or one family could employ the nanny for 5 days a week while the other family only employs them for 3 of those days.

For the hours where the nanny looks after both families’ children (shared care hours) the cost for each family is £9 per hour. 

For the hours where the nanny looks after only one family’s children (sole care hours) the cost is the standard £13.50 - £16.50 per hour.

Where the care takes place also depends on what works for both families. In some cases the nanny will always look after the kids in one family’s home, in others this is split between the two homes.

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