Cooking with kids is a brilliant activity. It’s fun, it’s creative, it involves reading and maths, it’s cultural, it’s practical… and you get something yummy to eat at the end of it!

Here are our tips for keeping the children safe while you cook together:

  • Make sure kids are supervised at all times in the kitchen

  • Ask kids to roll up their sleeves and tie long hair back, so it doesn’t get caught in anything

  • If they can't quite reach the counter top, use a stable stool or chair

  • When using pots on the stove, make sure the handles point inwards so kids cannot accidentally pull it over and spill hot food or liquids on themselves

  • If any burns happen, make sure to rinse with cool/lukewarm water immediately and for at least 10 minutes

  • Keep an eye on kids using sharp knives or tools. Never leave them alone with these

  • Make sure that after washing the kids hands, they dry them well. If their hands are slippery it’s more likely they’ll drop things!

  • When finished, make sure the stove or oven has been turned off

  • Wear aprons to prevent mess on clothes

  • If anything gets in their eyes, make sure to rinse immediately. As you might already know – onions, garlic and chilli hurt! Best to ask kids to wash their hands again straight after handling any of these, so they don’t touch their eyes by accident.

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