We built the Family Finder to help you find a great local family to share a nanny with. This in turn will help you save on the cost of childcare. Part of our mission to help working parents in London and build the world's best childcare service.


Once you sign up and tell us a bit about your family, other families can see your profile (if they’re a good match) and you can search for other families here.


If you like the look of a family, you can message them through our website and then arrange to meet up. Together with the other family, you decide whether to host the care in your home, their home, or to take it in turns.


If you’d like to share a nanny with the other family, you can then either look for a nanny yourself (outside of Koru Kids) or contact us to find a nanny for you.

And the whole matching service is free!

Who will be able to see my profile?

Anyone that signs up can see your profile if:

  • Their profile is within 2km of yours

  • They have a similar start date to you

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