Nannying is fun, rewarding, challenging, and also great preparation for future jobs (not only in childcare). Lots of our nannies have told us that working for Koru Kids has really helped them when applying for other roles, by teaching them a whole range of key skills that look great on a CV or Linkedin.

  • Responsibility - perhaps the single most important trait in a nanny. Parents need to feel safe leaving their children with you, as you are fully accountable for the safety and welfare of their children. Being a nanny shows employers that they can put their complete confidence in you.

  • Reliability and punctuality - parents rely on you to be on time every single shift. Being late or not showing up has much bigger consequences than in other jobs. It’s a role which requires you to be hugely conscientious and diligent. 

  • Communication skills - as a nanny, you are constantly developing your ability to communicate with others: by speaking to the parents during the daily handover, receiving and responding to feedback, and of course interacting with the kids! These skills are vital for developing strong working relationships and building trust. 

  • Time management - kids often have busy schedules after school (clubs, homework, dinner etc.), and you need to make sure everything gets done. Balancing a nanny job with university work and extracurricular activities teaches you the importance of using your time effectively. 

  • Creativity - nannying is a role which requires you to be proactive and imaginative, by thinking of fun new ideas for activities to do with the kids.

  • Patience and resilience - working with kids requires considerable patience and commitment. You learn how to deal with tricky situations while remaining composed, and build your leadership skills by taking control when the kids are acting up. 

  • Emotional intelligence - building relationships with children requires profound empathy and understanding. You also gain real insight into the dynamics of another family, broadening your social and cultural perspectives.

Above all, don’t downplay your experience as a nanny. Working with kids gives you invaluable and unique experience which will make you stand out in the job market.

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