When you’re finished working with a family it’s essential to return their keys as soon as possible. Normally we would recommend handing them over on your last shift but we understand that, given the current circumstances, your arrangement may have come to an end unexpectedly.

Here’s how to return the family’s keys if you were not able to do so at your last shift:


If you live very locally to the family and can safely walk to their home while maintaining social distancing, you can drop the keys in an envelope through their letterbox in person. Text them in advance to let them know you’ll be dropping them off.

By post

If it’s unsafe for you to walk to the family home, or if it’s too far away, you can return the keys by post. It’s best to text the family to organise this with them to decide the best method. You can report any costs you incur as part of your expenses as normal.

Royal Mail are not currently collecting signatures, but a recorded delivery will cover up to £50 loss compensation cover. To avoid visiting a post office during coronavirus you can print these at home. If you do not have a printer, ask the family to consider another method.

1st and 2nd class postage include up to £20 compensation cover. If you don’t have stamps at home it’s also possible to purchase them here to print at home. As your contract states that keys returned by post should be sent by recorded delivery, you will need to specifically agree with the family in writing if they are happy with you sending by 1st or 2nd class postage.

Whichever method you choose, you must return the keys within 5 days of your last shift.

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