Our phone interviews are the first chance you get to talk to a member of our team here at Koru Kids.

The first and most important step for our phone interviews is to not worry and overthink it! We like to think of our interviews more like an informal conversation with you and there is nothing that you need to do to prepare.

Our phone interviews usually take between 5 and 10 minutes, and are carried out in half an hour slots. If you are invited to a phone interview, you are given the chance to book a call during a specific slot and a friendly member of our team will call you within this time.

It is important to us that you are able to take as much from the interview as we do, and we encourage people to ask any questions that they may have about the process and what working as a Koru Kids nanny is like.

No one phone interview is exactly the same, however we'll likely cover:

  • Getting to know why you want to work with us

  • An outline of the specifics of the role and checking that it is a good fit for you

  • Any experience you have looking after children

  • Finding out a bit more about you as a person, and what you enjoy in your spare time

If you've been successful, following the interview we will let you know about your next steps.

You can find out more about the application process here.

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