We know there is a lot of uncertainty right now when making decisions about childcare - self-isolation, schools closing, working hours changing.

We understand how difficult this time is for families, so we want to reassure you that there are lots of options available to you as an employer if the situation changes including:

  • Pausing your search

  • Using Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

  • Using unpaid leave

  • Changing contracted hours

There's more detail below on some of the common situations you might face as an employer, and what your options are.

What if someone in our family needs to self-isolate?

If someone in your family needs to self-isolate, then it's most likely that your nanny won't be able to work during this time*.

If this happens, we recommend continuing to pay your nanny for their contracted hours. If you're unable to pay your nanny their full contracted hours, you would still need to pay them the 'minimum hours' in their contract.

Most Koru Kids contracts include a minimum of 9 hours a week during school term-time. You can hire a nanny for less than 9 hours a week during term-time, but you’ll pay an additional £1 an hour. You’ll still need to offer at least 3 hours a week. Read more about minimum hours here.

*There are a few instances where your nanny can continue to work while someone in your family is self-isolating. Click here for more details.

What if my nanny needs to self-isolate?

Your nanny won't be able to come to work if they need to self-isolate.

If they earn more than £120 per week, then they may be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), which is £95.85 per week. It's important to note that most Koru Kids nannies are not eligible for SSP as the majority of roles are part-time afternoon work. Find out more about sick pay here.

If your nanny is not eligible for SSP, then it is optional whether you continue paying them. While we always recommend continuing to pay your nanny, we recognise this might not be possible. Where this is the case, your nanny would need to take this time as unpaid leave.

What if I need to change the hours in my nanny’s contract?

We always recommend discussing any changes to hours with your nanny first. This way, you can ensure the hours work for both parties and double check that these changes won't have a financial impact on your nanny.

If both you and your nanny are happy to change your hours, just let us know.

If you need to reduce your nanny’s regular contracted hours to fewer than 9 hours per week during term time, we may increase your hourly rate by £1 per hour. You can read more about hiring a nanny for less than 9 hours here.

What if I no longer need a nanny?

Our standard nanny contracts have a 2 week probation period with 24 hours notice. After the probation period, the notice period is 2 weeks.

You can also choose to have an initial trial shift before offering the role to a nanny.

If you do need to bring the contract to an end, you simply need to provide your nanny with the agreed notice period. We’ll be there to support you with all the next steps to ensure your contract is finalised.

What if we need to pause our search for a nanny?

If you need to pause your search for a nanny, simply email us at any time and we can put your search on hold. You can email us at care@korukids.co.uk

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