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If Parents require their Nanny to administer medicines or drugs for children, it is essential that you follow the guidance below. This is a condition of the Public Liability insurance.

(a) in all cases:

(i) administration of drugs or medicines is only carried out by you

(ii) you must have a letter of authorisation from the child's parent containing clear instructions for the administration of all drugs or medicines, prescribed oral medication or asthma inhalers

(ii) the parent of each child being cared for by you must provide written details of any known allergy to medication suffered by their child

(ii) the drug or medicine must have been given to you by the child's parent

(iii) the drug or medicine must be kept in a secure place with access only by you

(iv) a clear label, with the child's name, must be attached to any prescription drug or medicine

(v) for all drugs or medicines administered you will keep a written record of the

  • child's name

  • drug or medicine administered

  • date and time administered

  • dosage administered

notify the child’s parent of this information and record the time and date such notification was given


(b) in cases where occasional, regular or emergency use of drugs or medicines comprising nebulisers or adrenaline auto injectors is required in addition:

(vi) you must have a letter from the child's parent providing specific consent for you to administer the drug or medicine

(viii) you must have a letter from the child's General Practitioner or consultant stating:

  • what condition the drug or medicine is for with its name

  • how and when the drug or medicine is to be given

  • what training is required, if any

  • any other relevant information

(ix) you must ensure that you have the training specified by the child's General Practitioner or consultant and, if required, provide proof of such training.

In the event of an incident, please complete this incident report form and send it to It is important that you notify these incidents as soon as possible.

The above information is meant as a summary only and does not form part of the insurance contract. Please familiarise yourself with the full terms and conditions of the insurance policy and ensure that all conditions therein are complied with.

Click to read the full insurance policy outlining the full terms and conditions.

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