Arrangements at the school

It is highly likely there will continue to be arrangements in place for drop off and collection at schools. Schools will have different specific arrangements, so you should make sure you have checked with your family for any communications they have received from the school on this matter. You could also check the school's website.

Some schools may stagger start and finish times to help keep groups apart as they arrive and leave the premises. The government has also asked schools to consider: new processes for drop off and collection; not allowing gathering at the school gates; and not allowing you onto the site without an appointment.

βœ… Make sure you are aware of:

  • The drop-off and collection times

  • The entrance(s) to use

  • The process for queueing

  • The requirement to wear face masks

The journey to/from school

You should try and maintain social distancing on your journey to/from school.

You may have to remind the kids about giving space, and they might not always get it right, so be prepared to remind them gently what to do, and why it’s important.

βœ… Things to think about:

  • Stop and wait for people to pass

  • Look for wider areas where you can pass other people people

  • Vary your route, it can make it more interesting for the kids but also will help you find areas less congested at drop off/collection time

Want to repeat your training?

πŸ‘‰ If you've not done a school run before, click below to access our very short refresher training on normal school collection procedures. We haven't remade this for COVID as each school will have different arrangements, but it will remind you of the usual procedures and things to think about for the parents.

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