This help centre article was written for our Early Educators as part of the Koru Kids Home Nursery service

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How to sign your Early Educator contract

You’ll receive your Early Educator contract to sign in an email sent from HelloSign.


What do I commit to as part of the contract?

  • By signing your agreement you commit to providing services as a contractor for Koru Kids once you become a registered childminder with us. You are not employed by Koru Kids. If your spaces are not filled and you do not work for families, you will not earn any money.

  • To fund the costs of your training and our ongoing service, we deduct 10% of the parents’ fees each month. We only deduct this when you earn.

What does Koru Kids commit to as part of the contract?

  • We’ll provide you with (and pay for) all the training and support you need to become an outstanding early educator.

  • Once you’ve qualified, we’ll help find you families to fill your spaces. We’ll then take care of all of the billing and as much of the paperwork as we possibly can - leaving you to focus on the children!

  • When the time comes to expand your business, we’ll help you find an assistant - we’ll train them up and employ them for you so there’s the least amount of paperwork involved for you.

  • And of course, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer any questions you may have — both during your training and once you’ve qualified.

Can I set my own working hours and days?

As stated in the contract, you are free to choose your working times, please let us know as soon as possible if you decide to vary the hours mentioned in the contract.

We strongly recommend you work for at least 4 days a week and open 8am-6pm in order to match what families are looking for.

  • Many families of young children are looking for childcare for 8am-6pm, 4-5 days a week, 48 weeks a year, so we suggest this is when you open your setting.

  • You may find families requesting earlier starts or later finishes to accommodate their work. We suggest you are as flexible as possible to help you secure the family’s business.

  • If you are restricting your opening times - perhaps to term-time only or opening too late for families to drop off and still make it to work - this will mean some families will not be able to use you.

  • If you want to work a 4 day week, we suggest taking Friday off as this matches up with the way many working parents organise their own week.

Can I charge overtime?

You can choose to charge overtime if parents are late collecting children.

  • If parents are late picking up their children, you can choose to charge for this overtime.

  • You will need to notify us of any overtime worked by filling in the monthly ‘Keep in touch’ form that we send to you via email towards the end of each month. If you don’t wish to charge the family for the additional hours, then simply don’t log them.

    • Overtime fees will be added to the family’s next monthly invoice.

  • Most early educators use their judgment when deciding whether to charge. For example, if it is a one-off and the parent got caught up in a train delay you may decide it is better for your relationship to waive the overtime. However, if it is happening regularly without good reason then you might choose to make a point of charging after first having a quiet word.


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