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Expanding your business with an assistant (and how we make it easy!)

  • Koru Kids Home Nurseries are focused primarily on younger children aged up to 5 years old. According to the ratios laid down in the EYFS, this means one adult can only care for three children at any point in time.

  • But, if you work with a qualified assistant, together you can care for six children aged under 5—allowing you to significantly increase your earnings, potentially up to £70,000 a year (after our fees and the assistant's pay).

  • Working with an assistant will also give you support day-to-day, and give parents confidence in the professionalism and safety of your setting.

How does it work?

  • To make the process of working with an assistant super simple, we have a large pool of vetted nannies across London you can interview and choose from. We’ll then train them up as a qualified assistant. They will be self-employed just like you, so you don't have to worry about taking on the responsibilities of an employer. We will deal with all the admin, so you just pay for the hours you need, with the least paperwork possible.

  • You will need to meet the Ofsted space requirements for 6 children. If you know you would like to work with an assistant, talk to us about it during your application process.

  • Childminder assistants also need to speak English to a level where they can help children develop their language skills, just like any childcare worker. And they will also need to fill in a health declaration, just like a childminder.

  • After your chosen assistant has started working with you, the £300 cost of their training and background checks will gradually be repaid by you to Koru Kids through your monthly earnings. That way, you will already have an assistant adding to your income as you repay the cost of their training and checks to Koru Kids.

Can I hire my relative, friend or neighbour as an assistant?

  • We are open to you working alongside someone you already know and trust, but they need to pass our childminding assistant qualification, and pass the relevant DBS checks and vetting (including having references from someone beyond you). The level of their English will need to be good enough to do the training, and to help a child develop their English language skills as per the EYFS framework.

  • We will expect you to always put the children and their learning first, and sadly, childminders can have a reputation amongst some parents of ‘chatting with their friends’ instead of looking out for the children. We would obviously want to avoid any perception that this is the case, and so would expect you to be child-focussed and professional at all times, even when working with a friend.


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