This help centre article was written for anyone thinking of applying to become a childminder in the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

Yes - our Home Nurseries have a strong outdoor learning philosophy.

  • You will take the children out to a local green space every day - rain or shine. There is no such thing as bad weather - just bad clothing! And of course, you and the children will have all the right kit.

  • By having an outdoors focus to your setting, you will stand out to parents and this will help you fill your spaces quickly.

  • Good physical health, emotional development and enhanced learning are all very important to parents. The fact that outdoor play improves these things is increasingly well known amongst parents and so they seek out childcare settings that offer this.

  • Parents often worry their children do not get enough natural play, even though there are good opportunities to do so, so showing them what is possible will ease their worries around this.

  • Childminders have the unique opportunity to take children out and about everyday and so many parents will choose your setting for this over a nursery, where children are confined to one space all the time.

A typical day

  • First thing. Prep the lunch.

  • 8am - 8.45am. Children are dropped off. Have them store their coat and shoes and let them play freely with their peers whilst you welcome other children.

  • 8.45am. Morning circle time. Sing songs and talk about your day ahead. Read that week’s story of the week.

  • 9am. Get ready and set off for your adventure.

  • 9.30am. Arrive at this morning’s adventure spot. Children free to explore.

  • 10am. Snack and talk about today’s activity.

  • 10 - 11am. Structured activity on location.

  • 11.30am. Arrive home, wash hands and gather around for lunch.

  • 12 noon. Nap time for the little ones, quiet time for the bigger children… reading stories or playing quietly.

  • 2pm. Afternoon structured activity.

  • 2.45pm. Prep and depart to collect older children from school.

  • 3.15pm Snack and reading a book to explore more of that week’s topic.

  • 4pm. Free play and prep the tea.

  • 4.30pm. Teatime.

  • 5pm. Snuggly story time until children are collected. Goodbye song.

  • 6pm. Plan and preparation for tomorrow’s activities.

We train you to teach outdoors

  • As part of the training you get from Koru Kids after you are registered you will do a specific ‘Curriculum based outdoor learning’ module. This will be taught outside on location in a green space in London.

  • You will learn all about how outdoor learning is so important for young children and you will be given the confidence and the tools to deliver a fantastic outdoor learning programme every day.


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