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We're already well known and loved by thousands of London parents.

We’ve been running our hugely successful after school nanny service in London since 2017, so we’ve built up a reputation with parents for being experts in childcare.

  • We have a huge following from families in London, and we feel confident of being able to fill your places because of it.

  • Becoming a Koru Kids childminder will automatically put you one step ahead of the rest as you associate yourself with a well loved, established and respected childcare brand.

We offer top-class training.

The training that we offer covers everything from Safe Sleep to Positive Behaviour Management to Guiding Outdoor Learning.

  • We’ve done extensive research into exactly what children need, and what parents are looking for from their childcare. From this we’ve built our bespoke training courses which allow you to become the type of childminder that parents and children love.

  • We’ve worked with Early Years experts, specialists in outdoor learning and child development professionals to develop these courses, so you can trust that what you’re learning is science and research backed.

We do all your admin.

Lots of agencies will do bits and bobs - we do everything.

  • This includes contracts, policies, payroll, paperwork and help with tax returns.

  • We have your back so you can focus on the most important thing - the kids.

We give you access to assistants so you can grow your business.

Childminders struggle to find good assistants and worry about the hassle of being an employer.

  • We take that stress away, giving you access to a large pool of vetted nannies to work with.

  • You let us know your ideal candidate—we provide their free training and DBS check, and you just pay by the hour for the time you need.

  • So, when it’s time to expand your business, you can do so with peace of mind.

Home set-up support and £500 interest-free loan.

We give you lots of support and advice to set up your home.

  • We have written plenty of articles on how to make the most of the space that you have at home.

  • We’ve also come up with a list of resources and equipment that we would recommend.

You may be eligible for a £500 Home set-up interest-free loan.

  • The £500 is paid as an interest-free loan—this means that whilst you'll need to repay the £500, you'll not be charged any interest.

  • If you choose to take the loan, the £500 need to be used to purchase pieces of equipment and resources to set up your home nursery.

  • Our loan is 100% interest-free forever, so it's compliant with Islamic Finance Principles.


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