This help centre article was written for anyone thinking of applying to become a childminder in the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

You do not need childcare qualifications to apply.

Our Koru Kids training gives you the qualifications you need to run a successful childminding business.

  • We'll make sure you receive thorough training in Safeguarding and paediatric First Aid as well as many courses in the EYFS, Child Development and Running Your Own Business.

You do not need formal experience working in childcare to apply.

We especially welcome applications from parents who have experience raising their own children, who are looking to start a new job or for a career change.

  • Many childminders come from a completely different profession, such as lawyers, doctors, marketeers.

  • We just need to know that you are passionate about shaping young people’s lives, and that you are ready to tackle the professional aspects of running your own business.


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