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Application form

  • Our initial application form takes 2 minutes to complete. We’ll ask you some simple questions such as where you live, whether you have any children and when you’re looking to start work as a childminder.

  • One of our advisors will look over your initial application form and decide whether you’d be a good fit for us. We’ll email you to let you know within 1-2 working days.

  • If you’re successful, we’ll ask you to book a 20 minute intro call with one of our friendly advisors.

Intro call

The intro call is a chance for you to ask all the questions you have about becoming a childminder with Koru Kids (remember - there's no such thing as a silly question!).

  • The call will last around 20 minutes, one of our advisors will call you on the phone number you provided during the initial application.

  • You can ask your advisor any questions you might have about childminding or how things work with Koru Kids.

  • We'll ask you some basic questions about why you would like to become a childminder, your home, and what days and hours you’re looking to work. This is just to make sure you're a good fit for the role.

  • We'll also explain the service we offer and the next steps of the application.

If you're happy that the role is for you and we think you'll be a good fit, we’ll ask you to book a 45 minute video call with one of our friendly advisors.

Video call

The video call is a chance for us to get to know you even better:

  • The video call will last around 45 minutes and will take place over Zoom.

  • We’ll ask you questions about any childcare experience you may have and what environment you want to promote in your childcare setting.

We’ll also look at your childcare setting (your home!)

  • You’ll give us a tour of your setting, showing us how you plan to lay it out for the children. Here’s an article explaining what you’ll need to know for this.

  • Click here to read more about your video call with Koru Kids.

Health declaration

Every childminder has to complete a health declaration form and have this signed off by their GP:

  • We will post this to you and you’ll need to take it to your GP reception (you don’t need an appointment for this).

  • Some GP surgeries may require a fee for this service. We will refund this cost to you after you have completed all your background checks forms, so please keep the receipt from your GP.

Unfortunately, some GPs can take weeks or even months to process this, so we would strongly advise you to complete this and take it to your GP as soon as possible. Click here to read more about the Health Declaration check.

Background checks forms and identity documents form

The background checks forms are where we gather your personal information so we can carry out background checks:

We’ll need information such as your address history from the past 5 years, any previous names, and information of people who live with you.

You’ll also need to upload certain documents:

  • You’ll need to upload any existing DBS and Paediatric First Aid certificates.

  • The forms are split into 5 steps, so you can complete each section and then move on to the next one a little later if you need a short break.

  • We explain in detail what you will need for each form, so you can get the necessary documents, and permission from your references.

One of these forms is your Identity documents form, which will ask you to upload documents so we can verify your identity:

  • The form will give you instructions on what documents you need to upload, but in most cases this will be a copy of your passport.

  • This form only takes a couple of minutes to complete.

£50 refundable deposit

We take a £50 refundable deposit to unlock the £3,000 worth of training and setup from us:

  • We take a deposit as a sign of your commitment to work with Koru Kids. We invest a lot of money, time, and love into making sure that you become an excellent Early Educator, so we need to know that you’re in this with us!

  • Your deposit will be refunded in full with your first earnings from Koru Kids.

Training & Checks

Once you have completed the background checks forms and paid the £50 refundable deposit, the following steps happen at the same time:

  • You will start your pre-registration training, most of which is done online and is flexible to fit around your schedule. Part of this is your paediatric first aid training which Koru Kids will help you arrange (6 hours practical training at one of several venues, and 6 hours online).

  • Koru Kids will carry out the necessary background checks with the information you provided in the forms. We also pay for and complete your enhanced DBS check.

  • You read through and sign the contract—Koru Kids and the Early Educator make a commitment to each other.

When all this is completed, it's time for your pre-registration visit from one of our friendly assessors.

Pre-registration assessment visit

Our friendly assessors will visit you at home to carry out your pre-registration assessment visit:

  • Forget scary Ofsted inspectors visiting your home—it will be one of our friendly assessors, who you’ll meet during training, that will come to carry out your pre-registration assessment visit.

  • They will call you beforehand to book a date so you’ll have time to prepare. Our training covers everything you’ll need to know for your pre-registration assessment visit, so we’re confident you’ll be ready by this stage.

  • Your home does not need to be set up as you will have it once you welcome your first children but it does need to be safe, clean and a ‘blank canvas’ ready for the changes you will make to make it a great learning space. You will learn along the way what’s required.


We’ll send you a certificate to confirm that you’re a registered childminder!

  • You’ll find out whether you’ve passed your pre-registration assessment visit on the day or shortly afterwards. We’ll email you over your certificate of registration and some next steps on how to get up and running.

  • If you haven’t been successful, our assessor will explain clearly what you need to work on to ensure a successful assessment next time.

Post-registration training

  • To ensure that you become an outstanding early educator, we offer you lots of free supplementary training on top of what is required by Ofsted. You will need to complete this training before we can list you on our website.

  • This training includes further EYFS training, behaviour management, building positive relationships with parents, training in exactly what parents are looking for, SEND, how to run a business, outdoor learning, child development and training in how to set up your home correctly.

  • All of this training is done online, apart from the setting up your home training where one of the Koru Kids team will visit your home at a time that is suitable for you to talk you through exactly how to get the most out of your space.

  • We envisage this post-registration training to take around 10-15 hours.

  • Read more about your post-registration training here.

How to check your progress

  • In every email we send you, there will be a link at the bottom to check your progress. Simply click on the link and you’ll be taken to a page to see where you are in the registration process.

  • If you’re unable to find the link, or are unsure about your progress, just email us at


Have any questions? Send us an email to

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