This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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  • Download our app to start your application. You'll find everything you need to do to become fully registered in an easy to-do list and have access to our knowledgeable team to answer your questions and support you when you need it.

Background checks

  • The background checks forms are where we gather your personal information so we can carry out background checks. You can find more information about background checks here.

  • Koru Kids will carry out the necessary background checks with the information you provided in the forms.

  • We also pay for and complete your enhanced DBS check.

Health declaration (this is part of your background checks)

Every childminder has to complete a health declaration form and have this signed off by their GP:

  • We will post this to you, and you’ll need to take it to your GP reception (you don’t need an appointment for this, but it might be a good idea to book an appointment to get it completed, so it is done quicker).

  • Some GP surgeries may require a fee for this service. We will refund this cost to you up to a maximum of £100 in your first month's pay, so please keep the receipt from your GP.

Unfortunately, some GPs can take weeks or even months to process this, so we would strongly advise you to complete this and take it to your GP as soon as possible. Click here to read more about the Health Declaration check.


  • Most of our training is done online and is flexible to fit around your schedule.

  • To register as a Koru Kids Early Educator, you need to complete the following training modules:

    • Learning & Development

    • Welfare requirements

    • Health & Safeguarding

    • Food Hygiene

    • Sleep matters

    • Koru Kids ethos

    • Outdoor learning

    • Paediatric first aid (this is delivered by an external provider but we will help you arrange the booking)

  • If you have a Level 3 in childcare or above, or have certain valid certificates already, you might be able to skip part of our training. Let us know as soon as possible if this applies to you.

Koru Kids contract

  • Even though you will be self-employed you have to sign a contract with Koru Kids as Koru Kids and Early Educators have to make commitment to each other.

  • Read this article for more information about the contract you will sign.

Assessment visit

Our friendly assessors will visit you at home to carry out your assessment visit:

  • Forget scary Ofsted inspectors visiting your home—it will be one of our friendly assessors, who you’ll meet during training, that will come to carry out your assessment visit.

  • They will call you beforehand to book a date so you’ll have time to prepare. Our training covers everything you’ll need to know for your assessment visit, so we’re confident you’ll be ready by this stage.

  • Your home does not need to be set up as you will have it once you welcome your first children but it does need to be safe, clean and a ‘blank canvas’ ready for the changes you will make to make it a great learning space. You will learn along the way what’s required.


We’ll send you a certificate to confirm that you’re a registered childminder!

  • You’ll find out whether you’ve passed your assessment visit on the day or shortly afterwards. We’ll email you over your certificate of registration and some next steps on how to get up and running.

  • If you haven’t been successful, our assessor will explain clearly what you need to work on to ensure a successful assessment next time.

Home set-up

  • Our lovely team of designers will help you to transform you home into an amazing Home Nursery.

  • You can find out more about what the Home set-up stage involves by reading this article.


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