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Health declaration form explained

A health declaration form provides information on your current and previous health conditions.

  • You must disclose any health conditions that you either currently have or have had in the past five years, and any medication that you’re taking to treat those conditions.

  • It is important to mention all health conditions you may have, even if you feel they’re not relevant.

  • If you want to discuss your medical history with us, our safeguarding team are happy to help and always discuss such matters in a relaxed and comfortable manner.

  • We also use qualified practitioners to assess whether or not your health is suitable to care for children. They always treat your medical history sensitively.

  • You must also get your GP to complete the form, which involves them disclosing any further information they feel is relevant.

Why you need a health declaration form

Childminder agencies such as Koru Kids must assess whether their childminders and childminder assistants are healthy enough to care for children.

  • We use qualified practitioners to assess whether or not your health is suitable to care for children.

Health declaration process

We will post your health declaration form to you as we begin to support you through the registration process.

  • You must complete sections A and B, and sign the Statement of Declaration in black pen.

  • If you'd rather speak with one of the Koru Kids team about this over the phone, before completing the form, you can always give us a call on 02080505674, or pop an email to and we can set up a call with our safeguarding team.

You then need to get your GP to complete the second half of the form.

  • You must take a copy to your GP so that they can complete section C.

  • You don’t usually need an appointment for this, as you can simply take it to reception.

Some GPs charge you a fee.

  • Some GPs charge a fee for processing health declaration forms. These vary by GP practice and range anywhere from £20–£100.

  • Koru Kids reimburse you for this cost after you have completed all your background checks, so make sure you keep the receipt.

GPs can take a long time to reply!

  • Unfortunately, there are often delays in getting your health declaration form back from your GP, which is why we ask all candidates to start the process as soon as possible.

  • We would encourage you to follow up with your GP regularly if you have not heard from them, by calling the practice.


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