This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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How to complete your health declaration form

Here is how to complete it:

  1. Print the PDF linked on the button above (printing tips if you haven't got a printer here)

  2. Read through the instructions (pages 1-2)

  3. Fill in section A with your personal details (page 3)

  4. Fill in section B with your health details (pages 4-8)

  5. Fill in the Statement of Declaration (page 9)

  6. Call up your GP practice to ask about the process of getting the form completed by your doctor. It might be that you need to book an appointment, or you may be able to just drop the form off at reception.

  7. Pick up the form from your GP

  8. Send us a photo of all the pages of the form (including all blank pages) by email at

What your GP needs to do:

  1. Read through the instructions (page 10)

  2. Fill in your health details (pages 11-14)

  3. Complete and stamp page 15

  4. Ask you to pick up the form OR they can email the form completed (including all blank pages) to


Why do I need to complete a health declaration form?

This is part of the normal UK requirements for childminders to become registered. And at Koru Kids, we must make sure our childminders (and assistants) are healthy enough to care for children. Qualified practitioners will assess your form once it’s complete—but don’t worry, everything is handled sensitively.

What type of medical information do I need to disclose?

The form will give us information about your current and previous health conditions.

  • You must let us know about any health conditions that you currently have or have had in the past 5 years. We also need to know about any medication that you’re taking too.

  • It’s important to mention all health conditions you may have, even if you feel they’re not relevant.

  • If you want to discuss your medical history with us, our safeguarding team are happy to help. We will always try to keep things as comfortable and relaxed as possible for you.

What should I do if I haven't had a GP for the last 5 years?

Just let us know at as soon as possible so we can help you with next steps.

How much does it cost to get the form completed by my GP?

Some GPs charge a fee for processing health declaration forms. These vary by GP practice and range anywhere from £20–£80. Koru Kids will reimburse you for this cost if you become a registered childminder with us. You should note that we will only reimburse you up to £100. Any cost beyond that will not be reimbursed by us.

How long will it take for my GP to complete the form?

GPs can sometimes take a long time to reply!

  • Unfortunately, there are often delays in getting your health declaration form back from your GP, which is why we ask all candidates to start the process as soon as possible. Follow up with your GP regularly, and call the surgery if you don’t hear from them.

  • You can’t become a Koru Kids Early Educator until your health form is completed by your GP.

Printing tips

It will be handy to buy a printer for your home nursery if you haven't got one. The need to print resources will likely continue throughout your role as a childminder.

But if you don't have your own printer yet, here are some tips to help get your resources printed:

  • Ask a family member or friend if you can use their printer

  • Go to your local library

  • See if there is a Printbox near you

  • Use Doxzoo for bulk printing

  • Use Printt for A4 printing


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