This help centre article was written for childminders preparing for registration with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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Our training can mostly be done online. It can be done in your own time to fit around your busy schedule.

Learning about childcare

There are three online modules you'll need to complete before you can be eligible for the pre-assessment call, which you need to pass before your assessment visit.

  1. Nurturing little minds - covering the Early Years Framework Stage

  2. Safeguarding - covering how to keep children safe from abuse

  3. Creating a safe home nursery - covering how to create a safe environment for children

After you've completed these training courses, you'll need to complete the 'Reflect on your knowledge' module. Once this is complete, you can book in a pre-assessment call, where we check your knowledge before booking you in for an assessment visit.

Paediatric First Aid training

We'll book you onto First Aid training once you've passed in pre-assessment call. You can't book this before then.

This training is both online and in-person (6 hours) with hundreds of locations all around the country. It's delivered through our partner Tigerlily and we cover the cost of your training

Here are some of the things you will learn as part of your first aid course:

  • Choking - Infant & Child

  • Seizures

  • Burns, Bleeds & Shock

  • Meningitis

  • Minor Injuries

  • Extreme Temperatures

Outdoor learning

Once you've passed your assessment visit you'll be invited to book your Outdoor learning training. We expect all Early Educators to complete Outdoor Learning training within 3 months of passing their assessment visit.

We have teamed up with the Liberty Woodland School, outdoor learning specialists, to deliver in-person training on how to make the most of outdoor learning.

These are really fun, interactive sessions and you’ll leave with plenty of ideas for things to do in the great outdoors.

We have two locations - in Wimbledon and Golders Green. The sessions typically run monthly on Saturdays.

Feeding-friendly training

Since most of our training is online and flexible, it's friendly for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mums and parents. For the in-person training days of paediatric first aid and outdoor learning, arrange for a relative or friend to look after your little one, and breast-feed during the lunch-break. If you really want to become a childminder but your baby is too young for now—just tell us you need to wait a few months. We'll still be here.

How training is assessed

As you go along you’ll do short multiple-choice quizzes. Some of these are just for your learning and aren't assessed, whereas other are assessed. You'll need to get 100% on the assessment quizzes to complete the training, but you can retake them as many times as you like.

The real assessment comes at your pre-assessment call and assessment visit.

No costs involved

Koru Kids covers the cost of all of your training and pre-registration checks.

If you need to cancel or reschedule first aid or outdoor learning in-person training, always give us at least 72 hours notice so you do not get charged (currently £83 for first aid and £150 for outdoor learning).

What happens next

If you’re successful with your online training, and you've submitted all your background checks forms and signed your contract, you can then book in your pre-assessment call. This typically lasts 60-90 minutes and checks your knowledge. If you're successful, then you'll be ready for an assessment visit:

  • One of our Childcare Quality Coaches will be in touch over the phone to book this in for a time that suits you.

  • To prepare for your visit, you will need to make sure you have certain documents ready, like your paediatric first aid certificate, safeguarding policy and other policies, attendance register etc. This is all detailed in the App.

  • The visit is in person, and can take about 2–4 hours.

  • You don't need to have your home set up or make any purchases before your registration visit. Our home set-up team will help with that after you have passed your assessment visit.

  • If you want to know more about this stage and you have already started training to become a childminder with Koru Kids, don't forget to join our welcoming Facebook Community, and you can talk to other Early Educators who have already been through their registration about their experience and ask for advice.

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