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When you become eligible to receive the interest-free loan

  • When you successfully pass your pre-registration assessment visit you’ll become eligible for our £500 home setup interest-free loan.

  • At your pre-registration assessment visit, you’ll just need to demonstrate to our assessors that your home is safe for children—you don’t need to have all the equipment and resources in place that you would expect to have if you were actually looking after children (e.g. toys, lower height dining table, double buggy).

  • This means you should be able to defer most of your costs until you know you’ve successfully qualified, when you’ll be able to access the £500 interest-free loan.

  • There's no obligation to take the £500 interest-free loan if you don't want or need it.

How the interest-free loan is paid

  • The £500 is paid as an interest-free loan—this means that whilst you'll need to repay the £500, you'll not be charged any interest.

  • Your repayments each month will be equivalent to 7.5% of the earnings you make from parents. If you don't earn any money from families in a certain month, you'll still need to make a repayment of at least £1 towards your loan balance. We know this is a little odd, but this is a requirement of the financial services regulations. We'll be in touch to arrange this £1 payment.

  • This 7.5% is in addition to the standard Koru Kids service fee of 10%. So if you decide to take the £500 loan, then until this is repaid, we'll deduct 17.5% of your earnings each month. After the loan is fully repaid, our fee will drop back down to 10%.

  • The £500 needs to be used to purchase pieces of equipment and resources to set up your home nursery. Please keep receipts and invoices.

  • If you cease to be a childminder with Koru Kids, you'll need to repay any remaining balance within three months.

  • Our loan is 100% interest-free forever, and therefore compliant with Islamic Finance Principles.


  • As the interest-free loan needs to be repaid at some point, it should mean that you don't need to pay extra tax, but we recommend checking with your accountant (who we will introduce you to and pay their fee) who can advise depending on your individual circumstances.

Helping you get your home set up

  • As part of your post-registration training, we’ll guide you through how to set up each area of your home—giving you ideas on layout, decoration and equipment to make your home the most engaging environment possible for children, and a space that prospective parents will love.

  • As part of this post-registration training you may also receive a home visit from one of the friendly Koru Kids team to give you some hands-on help.

  • Our specialised home design team will be able to offer you lots of advice and help setting things up.


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