This help centre article was written for anyone thinking of applying to become a childminder in the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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Koru Kids provides a whole range of services to help you set up, run and expand your business - we want you to be as successful as possible! We passionately believe that looking after children is the most important job in the world and so we try to do whatever we can to lighten the load on you, so that you can focus your attention on the little people that matter most!

Registration and training

  • Free support throughout your application—we’re always on the other end of the phone and live chat. No question is too silly.

  • Comprehensive training covering paediatric first aid, EYFS learning & development, safeguarding, how to run your business, positive behaviour management, safe sleeping and food safety, outdoor learning, what parents are looking for, how to set up your home and create relationships with parents at tour, and beyond.

  • Processing your DBS, local authority and health checks.

  • Friendly assessment visit whenever you’re ready (no waiting for Ofsted).

  • Professional advice and hands-on help setting up your home.

  • All your policies taken care of.

Filling your spaces

  • Help you build a really appealing profile on our website to share with parents.

  • Advertising to the thousands of families on our database to help fill your places.

  • We help you arrange and successfully run tours and negotiate filling your spaces effectively.

  • We handle all contracts with parents.

Operating day-to-day

To support you every step of the way and make it simple to successfully run your business, we take care of:

  • Detailed policies and handbook to make sure you stay compliant.

  • Keeping you up to date with changes in legislation and Ofsted rules.

  • All invoicing and chasing payment from parents.

  • Tax-Free Childcare administration.

  • Childcare voucher administration.

  • Support with 15/30 funded hours to make it commercially viable for you and as straightforward as possible to deliver.

  • Public liability insurance.

  • Accountancy service to complete your self-employment tax return for HMRC.

  • EYFS support and quality assurance check-ins with our friendly childcare quality coaches

  • Annual assessment from our friendly team - giving you the chance to be rated Good or Outstanding.

  • Free support helpline and online support community.

  • Simple to use EYFS tracking and observation tools approved by our assessors.

  • Exclusive access to our online activity bank incorporating both the unique Koru Kids ethos and the EYFS.

  • Access to expert advice on child learning and development.

  • Ongoing safeguarding and first aid training and CPD.

  • Support you with any safeguarding issues.

Expand your business

We enable you to quickly expand your business to flex to the demand of parents and maximise your income.

  • Pay for assistants by the hour to expand your number of places, without having to employ them. We'll organise their training, DBS and all background checks for just a £200 charge to you, which you can pay in two monthly instalments to spread the cost.

  • Be part of London’s best loved childcare brand - giving you a clear advantage versus other childcare settings in your area.

  • The opportunity to become a mentor to new childminders in our community.

  • We think you should be celebrated for growing your business, not penalised. So when you hit over £60k lifetime earnings, you become eligible for a Koru Kids fee reduction to 6%.

Our community

If you become a childminder through Koru Kids you will also have access to our amazing community.

  • You will be able to talk to other prospective and registered childminders to get together, form close relationships, share achievements, ideas, and encouragement.

  • It’s a great place to find new ideas and ask questions when you feel stuck.

  • We will also host events and ‘Ask an expert days’, to give you more information on topics like nutrition, child psychology and business.


Support We’re always on the end of the phone and live chat with general advice and can connect you to specialist advice when needed. For example:

  • Safeguarding issues.

  • EYFS support.

  • Activity ideas

  • Positive behaviour management.

  • Billing and tax affairs.

  • Advice on running your business and maximising income.


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