Numbers and space - can I take on additional children?
Physical space requirements per child by age
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This help centre article was written for registered Early Educators running their home nursery with the Koru Kids' Home Nursery service

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Ofsted regulation


Before you take on additional children you need to check you have the space to be compliant.

  • When you registered with Koru Kids we asked you whether your available space was suitable for the number of children you will take on in the first instance.

  • The EYFS specifies how much indoor space you’ll need for each child within your setting, based on their age. You will need to ensure you meet the following indoor space requirements:

    • Children under two years: 3.5 square metres per child.

    • Two-year-olds: 2.5 square metres per child.

    • Children aged three to five years: 2.3 square metres per child.

  • Remember these are square metres and so you may be surprised how little space is specified. Most settings find they are well within requirements.

  • At Koru Kids we firmly believe that even modest spaces can make great childcare settings when equipped right. Not least because we require you to spend so much time out and about with the children.

Measuring your space

Find out how many square metres of space you have.

When you measure you should only measure the areas the children play in.

  • Don’t include storage areas, hallways, landings, out of bounds areas, such as your bedroom, cloakrooms, utility rooms and bathrooms.

  • You can include your kitchen if it's used for play or activities. Otherwise don’t include it.

The simplest way of “measuring” is to dig out a floor plan that an estate or letting agent may have shared with you before you moved in.

  • Multiply the lengths and widths of rooms to get your square meterage.

  • This article provides helpful guidance about measuring your space and provides a calculator for you to see how many children you can care for and what ages they can be.


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