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Risk assess

Pets should pose no risk to children, and you need to assess to ensure that this is the case.

  • Any pets in your home should be good-natured and have no history of harm or aggression towards humans.

  • Pets should also not scare children - e.g. a dog that doesn’t bite but barks very loudly and very frequently at small children is not acceptable.

  • You should risk assess any caged animals to ensure interaction with them or their cages or bodily waste poses no risks to children.

Up to date records

You need to keep records of flea, worm and vaccination records.

  • If you own cats or dogs, you must keep hold of any vaccination records that you have and keep a record of the dates that you flea and worm them.

Pets on tour

Parents should be introduced to any pets during a tour.

  • Parents should meet your pets during a tour so they can make an informed decision about whether they would be happy for the child to attend your setting.

Notifying parents

Parents should be advised before you get a new pet.

  • Before you consider getting a new pet, you should check that parents are happy with this, as it may change their mind about whether they still want their child to attend your setting. You should give them at least 3 months notice of your intentions.


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